About Getting Results

Central Florida is home to some great golf instruction, so why would you choose to work with Coach Carine? Because his players see the results they are hoping for. It doesn't matter what age, what gender, and what playing level, Coach Carine delivers results. Check out these before and after sequences...

George (58 yrs) - Before (01/09/2019) & After (01/29/2019)

Geo Old 2.jpg
Geo Old 3.jpg
Geo Old 1.jpg
Geo Old 4.jpg
Geo Old 9.jpg
Geo Old 10.jpg
Geo Old 8.jpg
Geo Old 6.jpg
Geo Old 7.jpg
Geo Old 5.jpg
Geo New 7.jpg
Geo New 8.jpg
Geo New 6.jpg
Geo New 5.jpg
Geo New 4.jpg
Geo New 3.jpg
Geo New 2.jpg
Geo New 1.jpg
Geo New 10.jpg
Geo New 9.jpg

John (32 yrs) - Before & After in Only Three Lessons!

JV Old 8.jpg
JV Old 3.jpg
JV Old 7.jpg
JV Old 6.jpg
JV Old 2.jpg
JV Old 5.jpg
JV Old 4.jpg
JV Old 1.jpg
JV New 1.jpg
JV New 2.jpg
JV New 3.jpg
JV New 4.jpg
JV New 5.jpg
JV New 6.jpg
JV New 7.jpg
JV New 8.jpg

Ali (62 yrs) - Before & After in Four Lessons!

Ali Old 1.jpg
Ali Old 2.jpg
Ali Old 3.jpg
Ali Old 4.jpg
Ali Old 5.jpg
Ali Old 6.jpg
Ali Old 7.jpg
Ali Old 8.jpg
Ali New 1.jpg
Ali New 2.jpg
Ali New 4.jpg
Ali New 3.jpg
Ali New 5.jpg
Ali New 8.jpg
Ali New 6.jpg
Ali New 7.jpg