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Coach Jeff Carine was raised in Columbus, Ohio and introduced to the game of golf by his Dad, who fell in love with the game as a young Army Medical officer. After competing as a junior and playing on a high school state championship team, Jeff played collegiately at Wake Forest University. Following graduation, Jeff played professionally for five years before realizing his passion was working with others and sharing the knowledge he acquired during his playing career.


In his 30 years of coaching, Jeff has given over 25,000 lessons and worked with more than 40 tour professionals, including players on the Champions Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, LPGA Tour, Symetra Tour, and various other smaller tours. Most recently, he's had a passion for developing younger players and had the honor of working extensively with a former world number one ranked junior. Jeff has an extensive knowledge in how the body moves to perform the golf swing and is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), golf's leading

fitness and health performance organization. Through a series of powerful screens, he works with every player to understand their unique swing type and the technique that best matches. Instead of fighting their bodies, players

Coach Carine with High School Team.jpg

FINALLY feel they have found the way to play golf that is natural to them. No more guessing, no more frustrating range sessions trying the latest YouTube tip. This understanding is especially important to juniors as they start out in their golf journey and to seniors who want to maximize their swing speeds and at the same time play injury free.


Another aspect of Jeff's coaching that makes him unique is his ability to work with players on all areas of their game, including short game, mental game, and course management. After years of learning from some of golf's greatest coaches and players, and drawing upon his own professional playing career, Jeff's players find a one-stop solution to seeing improvement in all aspects of their game.

Beyond his experience, Coach Carine has a heart to know his players and teach them to know themselves. For him, it's all about helping players understand how golf fits into the bigger picture of a player's life. And that takes relationship. So, whether your goal is to play professionally, make your high school team, or just enjoy playing with your friends more, in Coach Carine you will find someone who will work with you to achieve YOUR unique goals in the way best suited to you.

Coach Carine with the King.jpg

Coach Carine as a Freshman at Wake Forest, with Arnold Palmer

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