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Golf is a complex, difficult sport that requires many different skills in order to play it well. While good technique is certainly one of the necessary skills, there are also physical skills that are required, emotional skills that are required, and mental skills that are required. Each one of these skills are like links in what I like to call The Performance Chain (credit to Dr. Rick Jensen who first shared the concept with me). Your chain might be mostly full of strong links, but it only takes one weak link for the chain to break.


So, in short, if we want to play better golf, we need to begin to look at golf holistically. That is how golf should be coached. Not every player wants to play professional golf one day so it's unrealistic to expect every to fully engage in the development of every necessary skill, so I work with players to see what makes sense for them. 

So, what are the skills necessary to play the game at a high level? I’ve put them all together in a list and categorized them according to types of skills. My job as a coach is to assess a player and help them understand which skill on the list is the most important for them to work on first to see improvement in their golf game. Then we talk about which skill we need to work on next. And so the process goes.


So, here’s the list…

Physical Links






   Cardiovascular Endurance

   Touch / Feel



Mental Links

   Ability to Stay Present (work the process)

   Ability to Forget the Past

   Ability to Stay Patient with the Future

   Ability to Stay Positive

   Ability to Control Emotions / Heart Rate

   Ability to Develop and Maintain a Game Plan

   Ability to Visualize

   Pre-Shot Routine

   Pre-Putt Routine

Emotional Links

   Good Relationship with God

   Good Relationship with Others

   Good relationship with Self (Inner Peace)


   Conflict Management Skills


Technical Links

   High Club Head Speed

   Club Face Stability at Impact

   Consistent, Repeatable Club Path Through Impact

   Ability to Control Trajectory

   Ability to Shape Shots in Both Directions

   Ability to Play from Various Lie Conditions

   Short Game Skills

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